Having healthy relationships takes a lot of work, but with the right input and effort, it is very fulfilling.
Despite the challenges you face, having healthy relationships is ultimately your goal.

You are in love and it all has to be smooth-sailing. You wish! Every relationship has its own ups and downs. The strength in relationships comes in learning what exactly makes your relationship work.

Each and every relationship is different but it takes a strong foundation to make it work. From the onset of your relationship, it is important to establish great patterns that will guide and ensure that you have the healthy relationships that you have ever wanted.

And at the top of this should be love. Love should be the fuel that drives everything else. You have to ask yourself what it is that you want to nurture in your relationship, that will ensure that it is a win-win situation for both parties involved.Happy Relationship

Characteristics of a good relationship

Most successful relationships will attest to the following as helping the relationship be the best that it can ever be:

Love for a healthy relationship

All great and successful relationships are founded on this emotion. Without love we are nothing.

Importance of communication in relationships

All good relationships are founded on good communication. In relationships, this is the most important key. Everything else might be there but if you are unable to communicate you will not solve anything.

Spontaneity in relationship

You do not have to do everything by the book. Throw some excitement and thrills in your relationship. This will certainly get rid of all the boredom you feel.


Would you want to spend the rest of your life where clearly trust was absent? Trust is important in relationships. It is unfortunate that sometimes people take for this for granted and hurt and disappoint you, but you have to have a certain level of trust in order for your relationship to work.

Respect Each Other

Are you able to look at yourselves and realize that you are two unique individuals with different views but you are still able to acknowledge each other view and respect them?

Honesty in relationships

Being truthful is not without its bad side. Whilst honesty is virtuous do we always need to be honest? Are there some rules where honesty is concerned? No matter those rules, honesty is always the best policy.

Make time to know each other

Here I am not talking about just knowing the kind of movies they love or kind of jokes. What makes them unique? What are their dreams and aspirations? Marvel in your differences. You are two unique individuals, just because you are different does not mean you have to be in constant conflict.


Being close and also showing affection towards each other helps. Intimacy is not only physical but sharing important details of your life is all part of intimacy.
If you want to succed at anything you set goals for yourself. The same is true for healthy relationships. If you want success in your relationship you have to set goals and work on achieving those goals. Being in a relationship is just part of the story . You have to ensure that you try by all means to remove all the obstacles that threaten your relationship.

You need to be able to look at your relationship and decide what it is that you want out of it. I guarantee that you will never go wrong if you set your relationship goals and work towards those goals together. Try it and see how it works for you. Work towards healthy relationships together and not as an individual.