Why to bother when you have Facebook? Facebook makes it easy to talk to a friend of a friend. Since you and your possible future girlfriend have mutual friends, she may be more comfortable to let down her guard. It’s very simple to come across as a weirdo if you're just randomly going all over hitting ladies up.

For example, do not send emails to a woman you've never met any sort of message that references her aspect. Do not immediately ask her out. She doesn't know you any better than the salesman from the newspaper stand. A few simple rules and a good sense of observation are all you need.

How to Get a Date on Facebook

Here are some tips for you:

Clean up your photos

Clean up any incriminating pictures. Of course you may have been kidding around with your friends when you were fooling as a stripper, but you don't need to post a pic of it for the entire world to see. I once had a friend of a fellow who tried to ask me out on Facebook. He looked nice from his profile photo, but with a further observation, I realized he was a sex fiend. Every other pic was a shirtless shot taken in front of the mirror. Keep the drunken pictures and any mirror self-portraits hidden. They definitely are not going to get you to a date.

Clean Up Your Wall

Next, clean up your wall and be careful of what you post. For an example a guy who I had been speaking to in real life, added me on Facebook. He was always posting comments about possibly hanging out with hot ladies. He wasn't the player who wanted to be in real-life, which is likely why he felt the need to talk about hot women so much. Not only did he come across as immature, stupid and almost brain-dead, but he also successfully turned me off. A woman doesn't want to hear about you getting drunk or picking up women anymore than you want to hear about the guy who hit on her last night.

Now that you've made yourself presentable, you're ready to meet your future love.

Make Friends

The more friends you have, the more potential dating perspectives you'll find. So become Facebook friends with as many people as you can. Find those old classmate and colleagues from former jobs. After you've added all the names you can think of, use Friend Finder to import your email address book.

Now that you have a lot of friends keep an eye on your news feed and see who your friends are posting pictures of or are interacting with. Watch all the comments and likes that go back and forth. If you like someone, leave a comment in response to hers, not just to your friend's original status.

Ask your friend for an introduction. You could say something to your friend like, " I noticed your lovely friend Lisa on your Facebook. Do you think you could introduce us?" Simple and to the point.

Send Her a Friend Request

If you've successfully commented on her posts, she will now know who you are and probably she will accept your friend request. But don’t poke her. You'll just look like a weirdo. Now that you're friends, you can comment on her pictures and status updates. If she seems friendly to your online advances, send her a message asking if she would like to go out sometime.

If she doesn't respond to your message, let it go and don't go all creepy and stalk her profile.