The popular media has done its part in confusing us about relationships so much so that people going out on a first date become overwhelmed. While thoughtfulness is required when you are seeking a long-term relationship, the first date doesn’t have to be shrouded by complications. Here are a few tips that will help get through the first date successfully:

Draw Out a Game Plan

By selecting the venue and coordinating the timing beforehand, you will be able to make a good first impression on your date. This will also help you arrange finances in advance so you can avoid the embarrassment of maxing your card out!

a man and a woman drinking

Choose an Appropriate Venue

The first date is all about building chemistry. That is why you should choose a well-lit venue, but one that is not too loud and crowded. Make sure you can focus on each other and feel comfortable in the atmosphere.

Keep a Hold on your Drinking

Be sure not to indulge in too much wine. You need to stay focused. If your meeting place is a bar, choose a meeting time when you have no temptations to drink more, such as after work.

Good Listener Earw HandBe a Good Listener

Your date will feel a stronger bond with you if they are able to share their personal information without you cutting them off every now and then. Along similar lines, avoid asking vague ones or ones those that require a yes or no answer.


Keep Expectations to a Minimum

Finally, don’t fall in love before the first date! While you are going out to spice up your love life, keeping expectations high only proves to be ruinous when the other person doesn’t turn out as you hoped. Most importantly, you will approach the first date with added pressure. So keep expectations to a minimum. Consider this is an opportunity for going out on a mini-adventure and meeting someone new. If things go well, you will end up in a relationship. If not, you still had a good evening.