Getting engaged couldn't be more thrilling, but once you actually start on planning your wedding, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Your wedding is the culmination of a long relationship where you and your beloved one have become very close, intimate best friends. We all have our motives for when we want to settle down. The point is that when a couple does decide to take that big step, they do it for the right reasons, and I’m talking about love.

The wedding is the big event for all women and a dream come real. You cannot mess with that if you really want to get to the altar.

How to Plan Your Wedding

So the time has come to set the details for the wedding ceremony. Frustration can occur, there's so much involved in planning a wedding: Should you have an indoor or an outdoor event? When do you send your invitations? Do you really need to have an open bar? You have to remember all the time what the end goal is here: To become husband and wife and start a new life together.

Chose your battles wisely, admit that you will fight about some points in relation to the ceremony and reception.


Developing a realistic budget is absolutely not the most pleasant part of planning your wedding, but you certainly can't do much of anything before you figure one out. Determine how much you and your fiancé have available and sit down with both sets of parents to find out if they are able to contribute.

The invitations.

This is one domain where it does not pay to be picky. Unless she wants to choose a design where cartoon kids exchange a kiss over a flower, let her take control of the invitations. Not many people place too much importance on the invitations, even though some designs can cost you as much as a car. So when you think that many will just throw them after they confirm their presence, does it really matter what kind of paper you get, what color ink you use and what kind of envelopes you put? Let her and her mom work on such details.

Her dress.

This is relationship suicide. Stay as far as you can stay from any discussions about her dress. It is a holy symbol for a bride and you do not want to get into a fight now. Tradition has it that you see her wedding dress on the day of the ceremony, so let her surprise you.

Her religious beliefs.

Religion can be a very sensible subject for couples of diverse faiths. When parents and family move in and try to influence the outcome, inferno ensues. You can avoid this if you discuss about what your expectations are regard to religion with your life partner.

Even if you do agree on the type of ceremony you both want, some points of disagreement are bound to arise. My advice? Let it go.

These circumstances can mean a lot for family, which I understand. But as we know, women must have that perfect wedding. Her ideal wedding may contain your spiritual beliefs.

First Dance

Spend a few weeks polishing your steps for your first dance. Whether you waltz, tango or swing, a few lessons can make the difference between embarrassing yourself and stunning your guests with your smooth moves.

Here comes the bride

Advice: Let her be the princess she needs to be on her day. You just have to shut your mouth and be her prince.