Free Marriage Counseling Can Infuse New Life into Your Marriage

Making a marriage work requires hard work on the part of each partner. To make a marriage work, one has to learn to compromise and be a good listener. Most importantly, atroubled couple has to learn to work things out and overcome whatever problems are putting their marriage at risk. Free marriage counseling is an option that is worth exploring, especially if you fear that your marriage is breaking up and you need help but you do not have funds to pay for expensive counseling.

Save Your Marriage

online marriage counseling A couple that goes in for free marriage counseling stands a better chance of saving their marriage. A good free marriage counseling expert will first of all pinpoint the key problem areas in your marriage. Once the key problem areas have been identified the counselor will then offer valuable advice and give you a step-by-step explanation about how to save your rocky marriage.

Before opting for free marriage counseling, it is important for you to address a few important issues. First of all, you need to find out what the root cause of your problem is. Secondly, you need to make an effort to be honest and both partners in the marriage must also show a willingness to act responsibly towards each other.

In the US, there are many well-trained workshop leaders who are offering all the necessary help and advice to couples whose marriages are going through a turbulent phase. These workshop leaders are ready to supply materials free of cost to those who attend seminarsand conferences on marriages. They will also educate the couplesabout how good communication can help solve many problems.

No-cost marriage therapy is also available to people who are about to file a petition for divorce and to those who have already filed a divorce petition. Seminars and workshops are held by different voluntary organizations to help couples whose marriage is in danger of breaking up.

Catholic Family Service

hands-catholic-family-serviceYour local church or synagogue or religious or spiritual organization will be more than willing to offer no-cost marriage therapy. There are different religious organizations that have already delivered thousands of hours of free marriage therapy every year. The Catholic Family Service, for example, has delivered more than twenty thousand hours of no-cost counseling each year.

The Roman Catholic Church’s parish office can provide the required therapy sessions to those who are of the Roman Catholic faith. There is also the Jewish Family Service that helps Jewish couples.

Social Services

marriage-social-service-coverThe government also wants to make sure that married couples stay married. Its social services are there to provide the necessary help which is only a phone call away. Even a local department of family or social services is ready to provide the necessary help and counseling.

The bottom line is that free marriage counseling is available in communities as well as in home churches. If you want to give your marriage a new life, be sure to avail of such help and support.


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