These Will Help You Get That Date!

If you haven’t had much success lately with beautiful women, then you may need some fresh pick up openers to help you get that date. It’s always a good idea to take stock of your love life from time to time to determine if you’re truly satisfied with it. If not, decide on the areas that need improvement and go from there. Here are some smooth pick up openers you can use.

Ask Her To Mind Your Seat

Among the pick up openers you may not have heard of before is the one where you ask a woman to mind your seat or table. For example, you’re at a coffee shop and you see a beautiful woman sitting at the next table. Just lean across to her table and say something like, “Could you mind my table while I go and get another coffee?”

There are two reasons why this opener will work. First of all, you’ve approached her in a place where she doesn’t expect to be picked up, so her guard will be down.

Pick Up Openers

Secondly, you’re asking her to do a favor for you, but it’s a favor she’d assume you’d ask anyone who was sitting at her table. And it would be really impolite if she refused to mind your table for you.

Once you return with your drink, you can thank her and take the conversation from there. Just keep it nice and natural.

Ask For Her Opinion

Another way to use pick up openers is to ask a woman for her opinion. Women love being asked their opinion about various things. And by asking her opinion on something, it won’t seem obvious that you’re trying to pick her up.

If you’re in a coffee shop standing in line, you could ask her which drink she believes is the best there.

If you’re in a bookstore or the library, you could ask her what her favorite book is, or which book she recommends because you just can’t find anything you like.

Another way of using pick up openers is to visit an exotic grocery store, pick up an item that you don’t know what to do with and look totally confused. Then ask her if she can tell you the best way to prepare it.

Don’t Swear

You may think you have one of the best pick up lines around, but if it involves swearing, then modify it. You may think swearing is cool when trying out pick up lines, but it can turn off women really fast. No woman wants to hear that kind of language coming out of a guy’s mouth, especially when he’s trying to impress her. It will make her wonder if he speaks like that all the time. So if you want your pick up lines to be a success, make sure they don’t include swear words.

Picking up women is a skill that can be mastered if you have the desire to do so. Just practice the above pick up openers and be ready to follow them up with some conversation when you have the woman’s attention. That should be all it takes to get that date!