If you’re the shy type of guy and you’re preparing for a first date or for Valentine’s Day, you might be interested in these dating relationship tips.  You’d want to keep her with you even after the first date.  Sometimes, relationships end after one night and the couple don’t meet again.  You’d definitely want your relationship to last, wouldn’t you?  Following dating relationship tips won’t hurt, unless you’re not particularly open to suggestions.

Check out these dating relationship tips to find out if you are the guy she wants to keep on seeing.Top 8 Dating Relationship Tips

  1. A woman likes to be looked at.  When at a bar and you like a girl, look her in the eye and make the first move. If you notice that she looks at you too, it will be a positive signal for you to act. She has responded to your advances and will likely be interested in getting to know you.
  2. A woman likes someone who always has things to say.  A girl wouldn’t want to talk to a wall.  She’d want to talk to someone who can talk sensible things, and not just about work or studies.
  3. A woman will stick with a spontaneous guy.  She will want to be with someone who is unpredictable. But don’t over do this as she might get irritated if you do things that she wouldn’t want to do.
  4. A woman wants a man who gives her freedom.  Who wants a guy who breathes down a girl’s neck every time someone texts or calls her?  Have some respect for her privacy and she’ll respect yours.
  5. A woman loves a compliment.  If you see her when you pick her up on a date and she looks so fabulous, you can say, “Wow, you look pretty tonight,” or “You look fantastic in that.”  Just say it from the heart and she’ll gladly appreciate that.
  6. A woman enjoys a good sense of humor.  Laughing is also a good exercise and you’d see the happiness in the girl’s eyes when she laughs at your jokes.  And your girl would want to keep happy memories of you.
  7. A woman goes for surprises.  She’ll like it if you take her to a place where she’s never been before.  She’ll love it even more if it’s a place where you always want to be alone when you’re feeling down.  She’ll really feel special that way.
  8. A woman appreciates a good listening ear.  When you listen to her and does some things that she suggests, that’s a sign of a good listener.  And she’ll love it when you listen to her gripes at times and give some piece of advice, if she needs it.

Now, having listed down these great and practical dating relationship tips, it’s up to you to take action and see how far you can really go in becoming irresistible to the woman of your dreams.  It doesn’t hurt to try these dating relationship tips and you having nothing to lose and lots to gain.