Blood relations are being created without our will and those relations are the ones that start from our birth and end at our death. However, the free will we have is in the context of getting into the relationships which we form in the world once grown up. People often get into several relations, people either get married when their elders arrange one, or they get married after falling into love with someone. The main fear in the marriages is the abuse that either of the partners might be required to face soon after getting married.

Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Abusive Relationship, What are the Signs ?

Abusive relationships have been an on screen topic these days which has made the lives of numerous people a miserable one. An abusive relationship is where one partner is given either emotional or physical tortures by the other partner. In some relationships the abuse is both physical as well as emotional, however in some relationships the abuse is just an emotional one and that can be much killing than the physical one.

At the start of the relationship, it is unknown that the other person is an abusive one or not however as the time passes several things become obvious to us and that includes the signs of an abusive relationship as well. It is not much difficult to identify the signs of an abusive relationship and one can easily judge them after they repeatedly appear before him or her. Usually when a person is found to be in an abusive relationship he or she is being dictated or dominated by the other person, yes, there is no choice of the victim and he or she has to do what their partner wishes for them. The victim of an abusive relationship is always busy pleasing the other partner as he or she never feels satisfied and keeps on humiliating the other person making them realize weaknesses present within them.

Further signs of an abusive relationship are that the victim is being restricted among the four walls of the house and has less involvement in the social circle. The victim is usually seen sad and depressive and is usually mentally absent in gatherings. The person being placed in the abusive relationship may face severe mental torture which can destroy his or her thinking and working capabilities within no time.Abusive Relationships

To identify at an earlier stage that whether the other person is an abusive person or not you must look for some earlier signs of an abusive relationship, if ever you feel that you have always been busy making your partner happy but it doesn’t work or when you find him having frequent mood swings, it indicates the presence of abusive attitude.

Making your partner realize their mistakes in terms of the abuse they are providing you with is an impossible task to do on your own. The best thing you can do in order to seek help in this matter is either to discuss this matter with a common family member or a common friend and ask them to wash his brain or you may even consult a psychiatrist as an option. In case, if nothing works last resort is to end the relationship as there is no survival without peace of mind.