In a romantic relationship, as with so many, it’s the little things that count.

You have to understand that a relationship is not a romance film, in some period of our lives, we may believe that love should look like the kind of romance we see in movies, theatrical, and novels.

How can we make relationships function and stay healthy?

Here are some tips to find true love and to create a healthy relationship:

healthy relationship

See your beloved one for who he or she truly is

The romantic drama appears when you see the person you are in love with as a model of what they have come to symbolize, the idea of them. When you understand that you don’t really know your partner, you begin to reveal who they are and how they shift and evolve.

Try to learn from each other

The key to a healthy relationship is to see your beloved one as a mirror and learn from the reflection how you can be a better person.

Share with your partner your love

This action speaks louder than a thousand words; words fervently speak more clearly than actions. Take a minute every now and then to tell to your partner your feelings that you have. A soft “I love you” or “You mean the world to me” can make your significant other feel wanted, desired, and safe in your relationship.

Show attachment

Small acts of personal intimacy, your hand on the small of the back as you arrange for work in the hallway, your hand around their shoulder on the couch, holding hands while walking down the alley, you have to give your partner a warm sentiment of  love and tenderness you feel for them. The littlest contact can be very significant or even more significant, than the longest night of love.

Get used to ordinariness

After the magical start of a relationship, we discover ordinariness, and we fervently do everything we can to avoid it. The catch is to make ordinariness get the day-to-day loveliness of sharing life with a partner become extraordinary.

Be there for your significant other

It’s clear what you have to do when your partner confronts with a major life challenge like the loss of a job or the death of a parent. But it’s just as significant to be supportive when your partner faces life’s little changes too, an argument at work, a lost check. Listen to what’s bothering them and offer your help.

Offer gifts

Man Giving Flowers to Woman

Take benefits of opportunities to give material symbol of your love. Just the right magazine picked up at the newspaper stand, a special cake, a piece of jewelry you noticed at the mall, anything that tells them you were thinking of them. Leave a love message, or send them an SMS with the best three words that you can say to her “I love you” the little reminder that you’re always thinking about her will help your partner feel better in your relationship.

These are only a few tricks to explore real relationship. How do you build a loving link in your relationship?