Feng Shui is about our relationship with the region in which we live, and how that influences our contact with other people and with ourselves. It's our interaction with the furniture, walls, floors and roof, the excitement we manifest with colors, shapes, and textures. These are the relationships that cause our emotional and physical experiences while wrap by our surroundings.
The goal of Feng Shui is to regulate and improve chi energy in a private location in order to create a natural, more constant flow, so achieving greater health, fortune, wealth, and joy for the occupants.

Feng Shui Tips For Relationships
Are you in a love relationship which needs a little help? Feng shui has a lot of love tips, or advices for using Feng Shui to find a happy relationship.

Here are some of the Feng-Shui love tips, check-up if your home is set for lasting love.
• Is your dormitory suitable for two people? If your bed is placed in one corner of your bedroom or is set behind the door, you could have a hard time finding a good love relationship. Feng Shui Love decision: You are not ready for a long term commitment.

• Does your bed have an equal level of feng shui energy on both sides? In a healthy relationship the bed is used by both lovers. For a relationship to function on a long term, both lovers have to feel respected, treated well and last but not least equal. Feng Shui Love advice: Treat both sides of the bed equally.

• Do you have any free space in your closets? A closet that is not full and has a free flow of chi energy is not only stimulating better health and more opportunities, but also, let your beloved one to store his or her clothes.

• Make sure that your feng shui home, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen is treated well. You need very good chi energy in these three rooms because these are the most important spaces of your home. If the feng shui power in one of this rooms is low, it will sooner or later show in the power of your relationship.

• Can you clearly see your future with the man or the woman of your dreams? How would that view, sense, taste, smell? Bring that sense into your home with distinctive images, colors. Feng Shui Love advice: Avoid sad pictures, broken heart images if you want to draw a healthy relationship.

• Make sure to handle the feng shui energy of the Southwest space of your home. The feng shui element that nourish here is Earth, so you will have to put elements, colors, and images that consolidate either the Earth or the Fire and avoid too much Metal, Water or Wood.

• Apply specific feng shui elements for love, like objects in two, rose quartz crystals, etc. or more  feng shui elements that symbolizes two partners.

To keep a healthy love relationship, make your bedroom to reflect the beauty of the relationship you want to be in.