The breakup knocks down almost everyone like a million of bricks. The unfortunate men never sees the bricks hitting him, until it's too late, most unsuccessful relationships are on the edge of collapse for a long period.

The end of a relationship is a slower evolution; the bricks are thrown one by one, until none remain and the whole structure collapses.

You are never ready for a breakup but there are ways to make it easy and administrate the painful weeks that follow. In the following rows I will tell you how you get over a painful breakup.

It’s perfect natural and healthy to visualize your ex relationship several times in your mind, but you should try to hold your feelings in check.

Understand the breakup

understand the breakupYou have to understand your role in the breakup. You must keep your emotions under control. When a relationship comes to an end, people usually let their feelings get out of control, and the breakup becomes more difficult than it should be.

When you reflect on the failed relationship you usually blame one person or the other. You find yourself guilty. Or you blame the other person. This is not wisely to put all of the blame on one person or the other. If she were fully responsible for everything that went wrong in the relationship, wouldn’t you have been the one starting the breakup?

It’s significant to think about what went wrong in your relationship but, over time, it’s a must that you stop thinking on mistakes of the past and continue living your life, so you can have new memories and to fall in love again.

You can’t move on when you are surrounded by memories of the ex-relationship. You have to eliminate what are known as “memory triggers” that remind you of the good times and the bad times. it's time to take the material things that trigger memories of the life you once shared and put them somewhere where you won't see them anymore.

After you have done this you have to set a concrete date stating the first day you will refuse to think on the past and stick with it.

Learn from your breakup & mistakes

learn from your mistakes

It’s essential to learn from your breakup and from your relationship mistakes. Apply what you've learned to your next relationship. Nobody can tell the result of a new relationship, but you may be able to see models early in the new relationship that will help maximize the chances that this one is with a happy end.