There are a lot of online communities that are helping single people to meet their half. There are a lot of forums that give tips on everything from how to plan your profile to how to choose the right pictures.

Further I will give you some tips for dating online:

Use pictures for information, but don't always rely on them. Remember that the pictures of a girl’s profile are the most important part of it. Another thing to know about pictures is that nine times out of ten, a girl is only as beautiful as her worst picture. I can’t tell you how many times I've seen a girl’s profile picture and thought that she is a real beauty but only to look at the rest of them and instantly wish I hadn't.

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Nice girls will wait for you to send first email. Ladies don’t make the first move. I don’t know why, but it’s real. If a lady sends you first an email, then it sounds like a scream of desperation, and in my experience, they aren't much in the looks department. If you want to get the right ones you have to put yourself out there. Therefore, you’ll probably want to read her profile first.

When you start a conversation with an online girl my best recommendation is to send an email that is very short, as light as possible, and ending with an open-ended question. Whatever you do, avoid reading her profile and then throw into a long speech about how beautiful she is or how much you have in common. You’re a stranger to her, and as such, laying it on that thick is really off-putting.

Well done, now you are going on a real-life date. You've found someone who is normal enough, attractive to your eye and has agreed that it would be a nice thing to meet a stranger for a coffee. The best way I can picture a first time date is like the first time you have lunch or with a business contact you've only spoke with over the phone or email.

Once you meet, you realize that you know little about this person and your only subjects of chat appear to be the standard “Where are you from?" "What do you do?” type questions. It’s better if you talk about things that are around you and relaying a story about yourself that tie into it. This will probably stimulate her to do the same.

In regard to the rendezvous, I always opt for happy hour. This may sound inexpensive or classless, but you are meeting a stranger, I’m not throwing out a ton of cash on someone I've never met before. Most ladies will tell you that going out on a fancy dinner actually make for a terrible first date, because it’s just too much.

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It all comes down to the right attitude

Be open mind to the new experiences. You’ll meet every kind of girls that are only interested in a casual sex, girls who want a boyfriend and even girls who already have a boyfriend.

Every girl you meet will have a prepared discourse about how they signed up for Dating Online because their friends made them or they were drunk, it was a bet, etc. You can get a lover or even a wife out of it, but whatever happens, you’re going to have some stories to tell from dating online.