In the following lines I will reveal you the best dating tips . Dating success is a mixed formula of so many things: self-confidence, maturity, chance, etc.

Here are the best dating tips and advice for you:

Dating Tips 1: Be Yourself

Do not attempt to be someone you’re not because every woman will know. Women have an unbelievable way of feeling if you're not being straight to her. With this approach you will never find true love, there is no value in this approach because you can’t keep up this show forever. For a woman there isn’t anything more appealing than somebody who is confident in him-self. If you are hiding that, you only show that you are not proud of who you are. Be confident in you from the beginning, and you will never have to lie about what you are.

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Dating Tips 2: One of the best advice for you, is to not forget your manners

Be a gentleman always. Without being too Sir Arthur about things, you can make small things to impress her. If she looks nice, tell her that. You can open the car door for her, or offer your arm as she steps down the stairs. You will never meet a lady who will refuse you for being too gallant. Winning!

Dating Tips 3: Don’t Use Your Phone

You finally have a date with a real woman and you want to look at your telephone? You should put it in your pocket and leave it there! Work and social networking can wait. Don’t be rude and pay attention to the woman in front of you. The only motive you may pull it out is if you're showing her pictures of your Ferrari.

Dating Tips 4: Stay Positive

Nobody likes the company of a negative man. If you are in one of those days that you are upset on life, this is one time I would tell you not be fully yourself. Be positive. There is nothing less attractive about a person who sees the glass half empty.

Dating Tips 5: Don’t Use Too Much Cologne

A woman likes you to smell nice, but she does not want to lose her sense of smell if she gets too close. Many men use a lot of cologne before they go on date. Get a little splash on so people smell it when they get near

Dating Tips 6: Take Care Of That Breath

The best moment of the evening is when you go for that first kiss. Men, chew some gum, a mint or even keep a toothbrush on you. When you are going for that big moment of the evening, nothing turns a woman off quicker than bad breath. This is one of the easier things to keep under control in the otherwise complicated world of dating. Be ready for everything.

Dating Tips 7: From all my best dating advice, the most important is to Be On Time

This advice is not only for dating, it applies to many things in life. So you worked very hard to get her out on a date with you, why on earth would you keep her waiting? Only she can make you wait, that is par for the act. Pop another gum and keep busy.

This are my best dating tips and advice, I hope that they will be useful for you.

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