Marriage is a union of two members of the opposite gender and is a tradition for many years since men were living in caves. Humans have believed that the marriage was important to maintain a healthy society, but some people can’t seem to live a monogamous lifestyle. A research has shown that sometimes the out of town affairs are as old as marriage itself. Along with the growing tribe of cheating spouses there are some partners who are blissfully unaware of any damage to their marriage. Interestingly up to 41 % of spouses who cheat actually admit their out of town affairs. This is nothing new but it is being done quiet openly nowadays. Out of town affairs works for those who want extra spice in their marital life.

Out of Town Affairs

There are many people who are doing it guilt free as long as they are meeting their responsibilities at home, they are prone to experimenting. Men and women often want some spice in their marriage especially if they are married for a long time. In a survey both genders were asked why they want an out of town affair even when they are happily married? Many were guilty and other was defending them for having an out of town affair. They said it’s not that we don’t love our spouse we can’t think of anyone else but we need some space and excitement back in our lives which our spouses are failed to offer and the ‘other one’ is just perfect to spend some time alone without any worries.

Some people think out of town relationships are not natural and human beings are not biologically inclined to mate for life. This is for every person who is having or has an affair this is probably a reason to justify.  Sometimes we expect too much from a marriage and when the expectations aren’t met we look outside the marriage for someone who can meet them. Distinguishing between the feelings of ‘is there something wrong and the reality of the situation’ is very important. You can feel that something is up due to some behavioral changes on your spouse part or he/she is working late or longer hours. Don’t confuse the signs to a proof; don’t make an accusation until you are back up with proof.

What if you don’t want to get caught with your out of town affairs; try keeping your lies as close to the truth as possible, have a bank account he/ she has no idea of, try coming out with legitimate excuses for getting an opportunity to go out more often. This can be anything from taking a second job to going to a gym, be upfront with the other one that you’re in a relationship, please don’t fall in love, don’t act guilty, create a secret email account and erase your Internet history, always erase your voice mails and texts, tell no one, don't get cocky because the moment you start to have that believe that you've evolved into a smart cheater, that’s the point where you are more likely to get caught, Get a divorce so you don’t have to cheat. Expect to be caught.

mutual trust-love and respectA marriage is a bond of mutual trust, love and respect, it is a contract entered between two parties with attendant rights and obligations. If you felt guilty about your affair confess to your spouse, be prepared to admit that it was wrong of you to break the bond of mutual faith and love. Just don’t offer excuses or justify them by dragging in other issues related to your spouse or your marriage.