Smokin’ Hot Strategies You Need To Know!

It can be hard for guys to have confidence with women – after all, who wants to be rejected over and over again?  But if you want to succeed with the ladies, then the only way you’re going to get anywhere is to know how to approach and flirt with a woman before you ask for a date.  So if your dating skills need a little work, then keep reading to discover two smokin’ hot strategies that can improve your love life.

Rejection:  It’s Not About You

Nobody likes to get rejected, but you need to put it into perspective.  In real life, thousands of people get rejected every day, all over the world.  And it’s not just guys asking for dates, either.  Men and women may get rejected for that job they want, that home loan they want or that credit card they’ve applied for.  You just need to deal with rejection in a mature way.  Let’s face it – rejection is a fact of life and always will be.

Confidence With Women

So when you ask a beautiful woman for a date and she says, “No” don’t think it’s because she sees you as a desperate loser.  Women can feel very insecure and she may be having a fat and ugly day where she thinks you’re asking her out on a pity date.  Or she may already have a boyfriend, has just broken up with her soul mate or is just so busy with all the other things she’s got going on in her life that she has no time to date at the moment.

If you do receive a rejection, just shrug it off and move on if you want to have confidence with women.  Remember, there are plenty of women out there who’d love to go on a date with you – you just have to find them!

Let Your Body Language Do The Talking

Once you’ve found a woman you’re interested in, it’s time to let your body language do the talking.  This is a key factor in having confidence with women.  Let your conversation tell her there’s a possibility you’re interested in her while your body language shows her you definitely are attracted to her.  Women love this.

You see, men like getting straight to the point.  Women don’t.  Women enjoy playing games, and having some romance and mystery in their lives.  If you can deliver all that with your words and your body language, your confidence with women is going to skyrocket.  And so will your results!

If you use the two red-hot strategies above, your confidence with women is bound to reach new heights.  Once you’ve mastered these secrets, you’ll not only be able to approach and flirt with ordinary women, but with beautiful women as well.  No matter what they look like, women all want the same thing:  a guy who can inject some excitement and mystery into their lives.  If you can do that, then your love life will never be lacking again.