3 Super Smooth Secrets!

If your love life is a little lacking and you’d like to know how to succeed with women, then here are three super smooth secrets that can help you.  All you need to have is the desire to master them and the determination to put them into practice.  Do this, and you won’t be staying home alone any more!

Act Natural

You may find it hard to act natural when you’re with a beautiful woman, and that can be a big mistake.  If you find yourself getting all tongue-tied and tensing up when you approach a woman, she’ll be able to sense your nervousness and unease.  And acting this way means you’re more likely to be rejected because your whole approach will seem forced.

How To Succeed With Women

Women just want guys to act natural around them.  The cool guys who never lack for dates have mastered how to succeed with women, and it starts with talking to women the same way as you’d talk to your friends or the delivery guy.  Nice, easy and natural.

Be A Man Of Mystery

So now you know you have to act natural around women, the next step is to learn how to talk to women the right way.  You see, men are pretty direct talkers and thinkers.  Women aren’t.  Women love a touch of romance and mystery in their encounters with men.  So if you walk up to a woman and ask her for a date right away, she is more likely to reject you because your approach has been too direct.

If you want to succeed with women, you have to act differently from all the other guys out there.  Tease her by flirting with her but act a little mysterious in order to get her attention.  Pique her interest by using your body language to show you’re attracted to her, but don’t ask her out right away.

Become A Master Of Indirect Communication

You not only need to be a man of mystery, but you also need to become a master of indirect communication.  Women love indirect communication, and this is what they usually use in order to communicate with men.  If you’ve ever played the “Guess what I’m thinking” game with a woman, this is indirect communication.

So if you’re ready to master this form of communication, you really will discover how to succeed with women.

Following on from tip number two, use indirect communication when you approach and flirt with women.  A light shoulder or hand touch, and then holding back while you continue to talk to her will certainly capture her interest.  Remember to let your body language show your attraction to her at a deeper level than your conversation indicates.

Continue your flirting with her in this way and you’ll have a much better chance of hearing “Yes” when you finally ask her out.

So there you have it; three super smooth tips that show you how to succeed with women.  If you master these skills, your love life certainly won’t be lacking any longer, and you’ll have guys coming up to you and asking you what your secrets are!