The Secrets You Need To Know!

If you want to know more about the art of approaching a woman, you’re not alone.  There are plenty of guys out there who aren’t as successful with women as they’d like to be.  Despite their best efforts, they just aren’t getting their fair share of women.  So if you want to improve your odds, make sure you read these four best pick up women tips below.

1.  Engage In Eye Contact

Don’t make the classic mistake of looking at her cleavage or anywhere else on her body.  One of the best pick up women tips around is to engage in eye contact with her.  You can do this across the room, or as you’re walking up to her.  Make sure you keep your eyes on her face, not on her body.  If you want to stand out from all the other guys who have approached her, then you need to act differently.  She’ll appreciate you not making her feel like a sex object which means you have a better chance of her going out with you.

Best Pick Up Women Tips

2.  Study Her Body Language

Another of the best pick up women tips is to study her body language for clues as to whether you should stay or go.  Is she talking to you while her eyes are roaming the room?  This is an obvious sign that she really doesn’t want to be there with you, even if she’s being polite.

Is she trying to put space between you?  That can mean you’ve intruded into her personal space, or that she’s trying to put as much distance between you as she can because she’s just not into you, but doesn’t know how to reject you.

3.  Make Her Feel Attractive

One of the most overlooked best pick up women tips is to make her feel attractive.  Even if she’s beautiful, you need to let her know that you think that.  Everyone assumes that beautiful women are constantly approached, but men can be intimidated by beautiful women and may decide to approach women who are less attractive, thinking that they’ve got a better shot.

So if you’re trying to pick up a woman, no matter how beautiful she is, make sure you let her know how attractive she is.  Make her feel special by flirting with her, occasionally touching her arm or grazing her hand with yours, maintaining eye contact and just generally enjoy talking to an attractive woman.  If you do it right, she’ll be more inclined to say yes when you ask her for a date.

4.  Persistence Pays Off

If you haven’t had much luck yet, don’t give up.  Persistence definitely pays off.  The more women you approach and flirt with, the more dates you’ll get.  Just remind yourself that it’s a numbers game.  So if flirting isn’t going well with one woman and she doesn‘t seem interested, just cut your losses and move on.  The next woman you approach may just be the one.

Picking up women is a skill that you must master if you want to be successful; so the next time you’re out there, remember these tips when you approach a woman and just do it!