We have been asking women everywhere to compile the ultimate list of Things Women Really Wish Men Knew.  Ladies, we'd love to have your suggestions. The more help you can give us, the better we'll be.

White lies are OK, but in moderation.

There are moments in every relationship that you have to tell the truth. Questions like: “Is she prettier than me? “ “Will I get that job?” “I dress better than her, right?” are not those moments. Don’t think, don’t hold back and categorically don’t say anything close to “not better, just different…”, unless you’re looking for a fight.

Things Women Really Wish

Women don’t care about six pack abs.

Women don’t like men to count their calorie every day, protein shaking or sweating out at the gym every day. They like real men with real bodies and real desires.

Pay attention to the little things.

Because they mean the most. Her favorite movie, color, chocolate, how she likes her tea, even just picking up some napkins because you remembered she ran out this morning. So think about it.

A few days out of the month they’re allowed to be kind of a bitch.
Periods suck. For real, it’s like a three-day hangover that makes them cry at the cartoons and shout at the microwave. If Mother Nature can be a bitch, so can we. So cut them some slack.

Foreplay never gets old.
I blame movies. All those sex scenes where a man unzips and jumps above his partner to find her instantly writhing around in ecstasy are misleading. It’s may be very risky for male audiences. But you, dear lecturer, are smart and know that, like pouring the ideal Guinness, some things just can’t hurry.

Women like you to be a little jealous.
Women don’t want a terribly possessive man, but some jealousy is healthy.

Arrogant guys come last.

Arrogant men who believe the way to impress a woman is through boasting terminate last. Nice men, who are attractive, interested and make them laugh finish first, every time.

You don’t always have to pay for everything.

Any woman who really does expect her partner to bank-roll their every excursion is what we call a Princess. Princesses are a whole separate theme. Most of them are fully independent women who don't mind sharing the tab or trading off who pays for a date each time.

 If women ask for space, they still want you to call.

Women don’t always mean what they say. If you and your girlfriend have had an argument and she wants to be left alone, clearly don’t follow her to her mum’s and wait by the front door. But absolutely send her a message that night to check she’s OK.